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Character actor, musician and Santa for hire. Meet a member - Richard Crossman

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Meet Richard Crossman, Canadian character actor, voiceover artist, musician, Santa for hire and full member of The Arts and Culture Network.

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Richard recently.

You can meet him and hear about his arts and culture hot top ten and our This or That game in the video below.

Richard Crossman is a man with a diverse range of talents, accomplishments, and careers.

In Canada, he has honed his skills as a qualified chef, baker, and patissier.

For 23 years, he served as an educator at both secondary and post-secondary levels, leaving a lasting impact in the industry through his leadership contributions to provincial and national organisations, as well as apprenticeship programs.

Music has been a passion for Richard throughout his life, with over 50 years of experience as a pianist, organist, and choral conductor. His expertise in this area led him to work with various church and community choirs.

Beyond the realms of cuisine and music, Richard's artistic flair extends to the stage and screen. He has graced the theatrical stage with performances in drama, comedy, musical theatre, and regional opera.

On-screen, he has taken on roles in crime re-enactment shows, often playing the villain or even portraying Santa Claus. Additionally, he is a seasoned actor in outdoor interactive theatre, delighting audiences with portrayals of medieval and renaissance monarchs, advisors, and wizards in popular Wizard festivals.

With a passion for design, Richard has also delved into costume design for film, television, theatre, circus, and private commissions, specialising in historical eras like medieval, renaissance, and Victorian periods.

One of his most cherished roles over the past four decades has been portraying Santa Claus, a passion he discovered at a young age, evident in old photographs of him donning a Santa suit and handing out gifts.

In recent years, Richard has expanded his horizons, taking on the roles of Father Christmas for the UK and Ded Moroz (Father Frost) for parts of Ukraine, Russia, and Eastern Europe.

Richard offers live video calls, recorded messages, and family or corporate video Christmas greetings as these iconic characters.

Thanks to his acting background, combined with familial ties to the UK and opera training, Richard has amassed an impressive array of accents, dialects, and characters, which he now utilizes in his voice acting work.

His expertise spans medical narration, e-learning, documentary narration, commercials, audiobooks, corporate narrations, and explainers, among other projects. Equipped with a broadcast-quality home studio completed just before the COVID lockdown, Richard now serves clients worldwide from the comfort of his home.

You can connect with Richard on LinkedIn here.


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