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Jonathan Duff FRSA - Eminence broker and thought-leadership ghostwriter.

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

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Meet Jonathan Duff FRSA.

Introducing Jonathan Duff FRSA, a Barcelona-based eminence broker and thought leadership ghostwriter whose career embodies rich professional experiences with a flair for elevating the reputations and standing of businesses and their executives, as well as senior arts and culture leaders.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jonathan recently and you can meet him here and hear his arts and culture hot top ten.

Jonathan Duff FRSA - Eminence broker and thought leadership ghostwriter.

With a diverse range of expertise spanning internal and external communications, public affairs, and an impressive resume featuring contracts at renowned organisations, Jonathan is a luminary in his field.

His professional journey has seen him contribute his talents to a Big Four giant, KPMG, as well as luxury manufacturing and retail powerhouse, Kering/Gucci Group. He's navigated the intricacies of financial and process industries with BNP Paribas, delved into research agencies across engineering and construction, and has collaborated with government organisations, including the UAE Prime Minister's Office.

Jonathan's mission is clear: He aids international blue-chip B2B organisations in achieving market eminence and elevating their public profile. His toolkit includes the art of ghostwriting, crafting thought leadership pieces, and harnessing the power of copywriting for corporate communications. Notably, his clientele boasts prominent names like Mazars, BearingPoint, KPMG, BNP Paribas, Veolia, and Walpole British Luxury.

What sets Jonathan apart is his holistic approach to communications campaigns. From shaping the corporate narrative and messaging to penning point-of-view articles, stakeholder magazines, reports, speeches, and managing social media presence, he excels in making complex subjects accessible, concise, and engaging for targeted audiences.

Jonathan's expansive industry experience is impressive, ranging from architecture and design to the arts, culture, and the creative industries. He's equally at home in the realms of luxury and fashion, banking, finance, and asset management, professional business services, retail, travel, and hospitality.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Jonathan Duff is a fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (FRSA), connecting him with change-makers dedicated to creating a resilient, rebalanced, and regenerative world where everyone can fulfil their potential. He is also a valued member of The Architecture Club, actively promoting public interest in the subject through educational events and debates.

In a world where multiculturalism shines, Jonathan's origins are a testament to the beauty of diversity, having been born in Ghana of Irish parents, he shares his life with a Spanish wife.

Introducing Jonathan:

The arts and culture hot top ten with Jonathan Duff.

You can reach Jonathan by email here or on LinkedIn here.


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