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Meet Deborah Schull - award-winning script and travel writer.

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Meet Deborah Schull.

Introducing Deborah Schull, an award-winning freelance scriptwriter and travel writer, a full member of the Arts and Culture Network, showcasing her talent in creating captivating narratives that span videos, augmented reality apps, and audio tours.

With over 25 years of experience in the realm of writing, Deborah has passionately conveyed the beauty and heritage of diverse cultures, immersing audiences in different times and places.

Mark had a wonderful time meeting Deborah and you can watch her Arts and Culture Hot Top 10 and The This or That game above.

Deborah's journey into the world of cultural exploration began at the age of 14 when she moved from the US to Ireland. Enchanted by Ireland's music, landscape, literature, and people, Deborah found her muse and embarked on a lifelong mission to share these experiences through her craft. Her portfolio spans a multitude of mediums, including video, film, audio, digital, and print, earning her recognition with over 30 awards and honours.

Deborah's expertise extends beyond her role as a writer, as she founded an Irish cultural heritage and tourism startup, contributing to a global community of creators and communicators. As a member of Europeana, the premier network of digital cultural heritage professionals in Europe, she has further enriched her understanding of the intricate tapestry of global cultures.

Specialising in scriptwriting, Deborah has left her mark on projects such as the "Kerry Way Digital Companion" app for Imvizar Co at Killarney National Park, Ireland, and the tribute video "Homage to the Washington Film & Video Council." Her contributions to audio tours include the "Foundations of a Leader" tour at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum and the "Fabergé: The Rise and Fall" tour for the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Cultural Roadmapp's audio tour "Road Trip: Ireland - CLARE can be found here.

In the area of travel writing, Deborah's work is equally prolific, with articles such as "From Rose to Role Model" in the Irish Examiner USA, exploring the story of a former Rose of Tralee. Her destination piece, "St. Patrick Was a ‘Blow-In’ Or, The Many Meanings of the Dingle Peninsula," published in West & Mid Kerry Live, showcases her ability to delve into the cultural nuances of a place. Her long-form piece, "150 Years of Yeats’s Sligo," published in Irish America Magazine, stands as a testament to her in-depth exploration of cultural heritage.

Whether she is scripting videos, developing augmented reality apps, crafting audio tours, or sharing travel narratives, Deborah Schull's work entertains, inspires, and ignites conversations about the ever-interesting culture and heritage that connect us all.

Download Deborah's portfolio.

Deborah Schull Portfolio
Download PDF • 1.90MB

You can find Deborah on LinkedIn here and by email here.


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