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Meet Matz Skoog - Dance career coach.

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Meet Matz Skoog.

Matz Skoog guides dance professionals through pivotal moments in their careers, facilitating successful transitions from one stage to the next through strategic development and effective planning.

In our interview, I crafted Matz's ideal cultural year by posing 10 simple questions, yielding both surprises and anecdotes.

Matz, an independent career guide and consultant for dance professionals, is an esteemed presence in the dance world, offering a wealth of experience and insight to those navigating the intricate paths of their careers.

Accredited as an Executive Coach by the UK Institute of Leadership and Management and the City and Guilds of London, Matz blends a solid foundation of expertise with a sincere passion for nurturing the talents of dancers.

Originating from Stockholm, Matz's dance journey commenced with rigorous training in Sweden and Russia, where he became a versatile performer in classical ballet and contemporary dance.

His illustrious career unfolded on international stages, collaborating with some of the most notable artists of his era. Matz's dance repertoire spans renowned companies, including The Royal Swedish Ballet, English National Ballet, Netherlands Dance Theatre, and Rambert Dance Company.

Transitioning seamlessly from a successful performance career, Matz became a sought-after dance tutor and assumed leadership roles as the Artistic Director of English National Ballet and the Royal New Zealand Ballet. With over fifty years immersed in the dynamic realm of performing arts, Matz Skoog has cultivated a reservoir of wisdom and experience.

Matz Skoog - Dance career coach

In his current role as a dance career coach, Matz engages one-on-one with professionals across the dance spectrum, catering to aspiring young artists, choreographers, seasoned leaders, and artistic directors. His approach, characterised by inquiry, empathy, and practicality, resonates with smart, motivated, and creative individuals seeking his guidance.

Matz's mission is to empower his clients to claim their rightful space on both the stage and in life. Through effective career planning and development, he elevates performance levels and adeptly navigates transitions and changes in the dance world. Matz's clients often transition from a mindset of being "just about good enough" to discovering their genuine capacity for excellence, fortified by newfound self-assurance and confidence.

Matz Skoog addresses various issues in his coaching practice, such as skills development for leaders, problem-solving, broadening perspectives, fostering self-awareness, and supporting behavioural change. His expertise extends to confidence building, self-esteem, well-being, communication enhancement, risk exploration, and navigating change, transition, and transformation.

For those seeking personalised guidance in their dance careers, Matz Skoog invites them to embark on a transformative journey through a free, confidential strategy session, accessible via email at

You can find Matz on LinkedIn here and his website is here.


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