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Meet Rachel Ougier Simonin, artist entrepreneur.

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Meet Rachel Ougier Simonin.

Rachel Ougier Simonin is an artist entrepreneur whose journey has encompassed various vibrant phases from senior business executive, tenacious entrepreneur, proud mother to a young daughter, and an abstract painter of distinction.

As the founder and director at Art Roc Basel she brings together her artistic and entrepreneurial skills to provide homes and offices with access to fine art via her innovative rotating rental services.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Rachel, a full member of The Arts and Culture Network and you can watch our interviews below.

Nurtured in a quaint village nestled in the French Alps, Rachel's artistic inclinations were ignited from an early age. Her father, an art teacher, wove creativity into their family fabric, fostering a deep-rooted love for art and crafts.

Amidst a fulfilling career that spanned two decades as an executive within diverse international enterprises in Paris, Rachel's passion for painting endured. However, her life took a seismic turn when she relocated with her family to Basel, Switzerland, in pursuit of a fresh professional chapter.

This transition ushered in a period of transformation, as Rachel navigated a complex divorce and the realisation that her employment prospects were uncertain. In the face of these challenges, Rachel chose resilience over despair. Turning adversity into an opportunity, she devoted her newfound free time to painting, allowing her to confront the uncertain future with renewed vigour.

Although the horizon remained enigmatic, engaging in her artistic passion provided solace amidst uncertainty. Rachel's artistic flair has been an intrinsic part of her identity, woven into the fabric of her existence. She finds profound joy in relinquishing control to the canvas, allowing the paint to guide her, a process she describes as an enchanting convergence of creativity.

The paintings, in turn, become an embodiment of her essence, an alchemical transformation of emotions onto canvas.

Transitioning from an employee to an artist entrepreneur required Rachel to venture beyond her comfort zone. The shift required her to embrace vulnerability, risk-taking, and the ability to confront the critical feedback her art invoked. The journey uncovered her resilience and fortified her resolve to pursue her passion with persistence.

Remarkably, Rachel's introspective and introverted nature gave way to unexpected revelations. Witnessing the emotional resonance her paintings evoke in others has been a profound revelation, a testament to the universal language of art. Encouraged by the support, guidance, and shared laughter from her burgeoning community, Rachel discovered a wellspring of strength within herself.

Rachel's artistic expressions take form as individual paintings and thematic collections, intended to adorn both corporate spaces and personal abodes, transcending geographical boundaries. Whether appreciating the paintings as standalone pieces or engaging in co-creation experiences with Rachel, the ultimate aspiration remains the same – to imbue positivity in those who encounter her art.

Through each chapter of her life, Rachel Ougier Simonin's remarkable journey unfolds as an inspiring testament to resilience, reinvention, and the transformative power of embracing one's passions, ultimately leaving an indelible imprint on both canvas and heart alike.

Meet Rachel.

A deep dive into Rachel's work and her art.

Rachel's arts and culture hot top ten and our This or That game.

Some of Rachel's art.

You can reach Rachel by email here. Her website is here.


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