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Meet Tiffany Haugen-Dexter - seamstress, model, and creative evangelist.

Updated: Jan 10

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Meet Tiffany Haugen Dexter.

Tiffany is hard to categorise, and that's part of her appeal. She's dedicated to providing her children with artistic access and creative experiences on a daily basis.

Tiffany Haugen Dexter

Tiffany's absolute passion lies in music and her children, which she considers crucial for maintaining her sanity. She firmly believes that dance and movement play a pivotal role in achieving success on various levels, serving as sources of motivation, outlets for anger, avenues for self-expression, and carriers of historical significance.

Having danced for years herself, Tiffany is currently imparting her knowledge of ballet to her daughter. Her life mission revolves around making a significant impact on how humans perceive and embrace diversity, fostering respectful interactions, and ultimately reconnecting humanity with Mother Earth. Tiffany is dedicated to guiding others to open their eyes and ears to the truth found in the beauty that surrounds us.

So, at any given time you will find her up to her eyes in glitter, watercolour, costumes, make up, new recipes, talking to animals and helping her kids recognise that variety and difference is to be celebrated not rejected.

She's on a mission to shine a spotlight on the beauty around us and how being creative adds to that and can enrich lives, especially young ones.

Tiffany's professional creative journey began with Elite Model Management in Beverly Hills. However, her hunger for greater opportunities for creative expression led her to pursue a major in speech communication & broadcast journalism at CSULB.

Mark met Tiffany recently and it was wonderful learning about her work and playing the Arts and Culture Hot Top 10 and The This or That game with her, which you can watch above.

After working for Fox Sports Net for several years, Tiffany circled back to the fashion industry, gracing runways for icons like Elizabeth Taylor, Cindy Crawford, and Magic Johnson in Macy’s passport shows dedicated to helping children in Africa affected by HIV & AIDS.

Teen magazines and brands like Guess & Sketchers showcased her modelling prowess.

Her career pivoted as she assumed the role of Operations Manager for the flagship store of designer James Perse in Malibu, CA. However, her passion for the creative transformation of landscapes and spaces led her to focus on land and development, celebrating the artistry of the world beyond concrete.

Utterly obsessed with music, Tiffany began producing events in Vallarta in Mexico, showcasing her favourite DJs.

This passion merged seamlessly with founding The Opulence Group MX, headquartered in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Tiffany has also founded "Here Is The Dream", not just a real estate agency, but a curator of creative and innovative dream properties, ranging from commercial land to luxury estates.

Diving deeper into her commitment to positive change, Tiffany also founded Impact Invest- Green Mexico & Impact Invest- Green International. These platforms are not your typical investment firms; they embody creativity, innovation, and sustainability, financing projects with a lasting impact on the planet.

Tiffany's mantra is clear: "If you want it, we have it, if we don’t have it, we'll find it."

A true real estate maven, Tiffany serves as a nationwide and highly creative and imaginative real estate agent, linking investors, architects, and developers, to land parcels in states like Jalisco, Nayarit, Oaxaca, and Quintana Roo. Her goal is to transform dreams into reality and contribute to the rapid growth sweeping through Mexico.

In Tiffany's world, real estate is not just about transactions; it's a dance around the box, accompanied by damn good music ... and of course ... creativity.

You can find Tiffany on LinkedIn here and Instagram at @here_is_the_dream and @life_of_tiffany


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