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Meet Will Crawford - music and mindfulness expert.

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

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Meet Will Crawford.

Introducing Will Crawford, Founder and Director of quietnote, a pioneering startup at the intersection of music and mindfulness.

In our video interview above, I create Will's perfect cultural year from the answers to 10 questions. You can find a meeting summary below.

Will Crawford - music and mindfulness

As a full member of The Arts and Culture Network, Will brings a wealth of expertise to the realm of personal and professional well-being, both online and in person.

At quietnote, Will has harnessed his deep understanding of music to offer an innovative approach to mindfulness. The company's mission is to empower individuals to regain control of their lives, fostering a greater sense of balance, purpose, and accomplishment.

Whether you're navigating personal challenges or seeking professional growth, quietnote is committed to providing tailored solutions that resonate personally and professionally.

Regarded as a beacon of mindful clarity, Will's expertise extends to the development of the Mindful Clarity Blueprint - an accessible toolkit designed to conquer negative thought patterns, overcome limiting beliefs, and instill immediate control while reducing stress and boosting energy levels.

Navigating the Balance & Thrive Pathway, quietnote equips individuals with proven strategies and effective techniques to effortlessly create balance in their lives. This encompasses confidently managing work, family, and personal responsibilities, alleviating the fear of letting others down.

Will Crawford - music and mindfulness

Through his Transformational Accountability framework, Will guides individuals toward personal growth, eliminating procrastination and fostering commitment to goals. The structured support and vibrant community at quietnote ensures accountability, eradicates self-sabotage, and facilitates lasting transformations.

High-achieving professionals, in particular, have found solace and success in their collaboration with Will and quietnote. The program's commitment to helping individuals achieve a greater sense of balance, purpose, and accomplishment within eight weeks - or working with them for free - has garnered praise from professionals across various fields.

Will Crawford - music and mindfulness

Testimonials from clients reflect the profound impact of quietnote's approach. Hannah, CEO, praises the sessions as "professional, sophisticated, and utterly needed," highlighting Will's bravery in utilizing his passion for a meaningful purpose.

Ian, Director, commends Will's respectful and inclusive approach, which facilitates a personalised and beneficial experience.

Paul, MD, affirms the substantial benefits his team has derived from their engagement with quietnote.

Ready to embark on a transformative journey with quietnote? Schedule a strategy session with Will Crawford by visiting and take the first step toward a more balanced and purposeful life.

You can find Will on LinkedIn here and his website is here.

Meeting summary.

Mark and Will, who both work from home, discussed various topics including their experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic, their work, and personal interests. Mark proposed a year-long research opportunity for Will to study the arts and culture of any country of his choice, with all expenses paid.

Will chose Manaus, Brazil, and expressed his interest in watching a Flamenco performance and visiting the Amazonian rainforest. Towards the end, they planned to have dinner after a Flamenco performance and reflected on his personal experiences with skiing.

Workspace, Dinner, Covid-19 Memories

Mark set up a dedicated workspace, referred to as the shed quarters, due to noise complaints from his wife, who also works from home. The conversation also touched on his experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic, including the enforcement of social distancing and the introduction of mask-wearing. They recalled a humorous incident where an elderly man in his local supermarket took off his mask to sneeze.

Publishing, AI, and Personal Journeys

Mark expressed his commitment to publishing and promoting Will's work, acknowledging the time-consuming nature of the process. A discussion ensued about playing games and recording conversations between friends, with a focus on brevity in videos.

Will, the founder and CEO of Quietnote, shared his personal journey into founding the company, triggered by his struggle with mental health during the Covid-19 pandemic. He also mentioned partnerships with significant organizations like HSBC, Selfridges, Pure Gym, and the Woodland Trust. Finally, Mark announced a segment where they would create Will's perfect cultural year based on his response to ten questions.

Imaginary Trip to New York With a Book

Mark and Will engaged in a role-playing scenario where Will imagined himself in New York, sitting on a park bench in Central Park, admiring the Empire State Building. During this imaginary trip, Will chose the book "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" by Richard Bach to have with him, which they described as having a significant impact on his life. They also decided on having a beer, preferably a local IPA, to enjoy.

Year-Long Bossa Nova Study in Manaus, Brazil

Mark proposed a year-long research opportunity for Will to study the arts and culture of any country of his choice, with all expenses paid. Will chose Manaus, Brazil, and, as a condition, they agreed to consume only one genre of music for the year. The choice of genre was left to him, but he decided on Bossa Nova, a genre closely associated with Brazil. Additionally, Will confirmed that he would be allowed to bring his guitar with him.

Flamenco Dance Performance Planning

Mark and Will discussed the welcome ceremony, which involved a dance performance. Will expressed his interest in watching a Flamenco performance, a dance style he had been moved by in the past. Mark agreed to send Will a link to a modern Flamenco dancer's videos. They also planned to have dinner after the show.

Skiing and Seafood Preferences

Will expressed his preference for seafood cuisine, specifically locally caught fish, and shared his fondness for skiing. Mark agreed to Will's choices and suggested that they might need to fly Will to Chile for the skiing activity. They also briefly reflected on his personal experiences with skiing.

New Art Gallery and Amazonian Rainforest Exploration

Mark introduced a new digital art gallery where individuals can immerse themselves in the life and works of their chosen visual artist. Will expressed interest in Van Gogh's art and later decided to watch the play "War Horse". He also showed interest in visiting the Amazonian rainforest and learning about its tree species from a specialist.

Cultural Conversation and Work Sharing

Mark and Will engaged in a conversation about cultural topics and shared insights about their work. Mark thanked Will for his contributions and offered to include a summary of their discussion and links to his work on a website. Mark also invited Will to join a Whatsapp group for full members and shared links to various Linkedin groups. Mark committed to creating a profile and directory entry for Will on the website and advised him to introduce himself there. They also discussed upcoming events, including a Christmas party with an arts and culture quiz.


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