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Cecilia Anastos

Fine artist and Art/Wine Tours

Using oil or acrylic on canvas, paper or wood, I paint landscapes and cityscapes. Brightly colored and uplifting, my paintings tell stories that touch the relationship of sentient beings with the environment. Some of these landscapes will disappear due to climate change. I want to leave a legacy of what they used to look like. I also lead private tours of wine and Renaissance and Modern art in Italy, France and Spain.

Hello, I'm Cecilia Anastos, a fine art painter based in the United States, and a proud full member of the Arts and Culture Network.

As a self-taught Italian-American painter, I use oil or acrylics on various surfaces to bring vibrant landscapes, cityscapes, and figurative compositions to life.

My paintings aim to convey emotions and tell stories about the relationship between sentient beings and the environment, as well as the global experiences of women.

My artistic influence has reached prestigious venues like the San Diego Museum of Art-Artist Guild (where I am now a Board Member), Newport Beach Civic Center, and Gallery 21. I've been honored with accolades such as the 2020 Artist of the Future Award, the 2021 Power of Creativity, the 2021 Certificate of Artistic


Cecilia Anastos
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