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CR Holmes

CEO / Founder

🎵Imaginative, Insightful, Music Industry Business Creator 🎵 Empowering Artists to get 1000 true fans🎵 Connecting Music Venues and Vendors directly to their Audiences 🎵 Positively Reinventing the Music industry 🎵

Good Day

I am CR Holmes, CEO and founder of a new music platform YourBeat, who's main focus is the artist.


“The music industry starts with the artist but is not only about the artist. An infrastructure and network of people grows around an artist and furthers their career… A robust industry creates employment in all areas of music from its creation, to performance, to distribution and promotion.” – Martin Elbourne, UK music promoter”


we also believe in this.


As such YourBeat Inc. is uniting Artists, Fans, Vendors and Venues to create a vibrant and sustainable music community. We foster connections that fuel creativity, collaboration, and success for all involved. Together, we empower artists to cultivate 1000 true fans, while facilitating deep relationships between venues and vendors.


Join us in revolutionizing the music industry!!!

+1 (236) 996-5425

CR Holmes
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