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Melanie Perry

Multi award-winning Film maker and broadcaster. Founder of Poppy Perry Media and CR38IVES

I coach businesses to draw out their story and create short, impactful videos that are relevant to their target audience and hit their brand goals through Poppy Perry Media.

I founded Poppy Perry Media after attending a 'Mastermind' session. I discovered my skills in creating video content and channelled this into helping create an online presence for small businesses. This is particularly necessary for a brand in this day and age. And so, I took on the roles of communication coach, producer and entrepreneur.

I continued in the entrepreneur route, founding two businesses Magical Aloe Forever and Competitive Edge (high quality Aloe Vera based products).

It was time to create a place for creatives to network so I co-founded CRE38IVES after experiencing the difficulty of finding and connecting with a broad spectrum of creative people for my own projects. Now creatives can connect with other creatives locally or globally to meet like minded people, build connections and grow their businesses. 

I am actively looking for more training and speaking opportunities around how good communication helps to create great leaders who promote creativity, innovation and fresh ideas for the benefit of their teams and wider corporation.

I am also open to be a guest on any podcasts that talk about marketing, creativity, communication and great leadership - so if you know anyone looking for guests please pass them my way. 

Melanie Perry
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