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Paul Abbott

Events Specialist

Events Specialist, Coach, Author, Keynote Speaker

Hi, I'm Paul.

In a world where high standards can sometimes feel overwhelming, I strive to uphold a dedication to excellence. My values of honesty, integrity, trust, and kindness form the foundation of everything I do. These principles aren't just words to me—they are the guiding force behind my work, which I am humbled to share with others.

At the heart of my mission is a deep-seated desire to empower those around me. Whether it's by meticulously planning events, offering insights into effective leadership, or coaching individuals through their challenges, I find joy in merging these elements together. My work is not just a profession; it reflects my passions for music, art, and savoring life's simple pleasures, like enjoying good food.

My coaching philosophy is simple yet profound: I believe that everyone has the capacity for greatness, given the right guidance. Often, the answers we seek are already within us, waiting to be unlocked by the right questions. With patience, thoughtfulness, and keen perception, I strive to guide individuals toward their highest potential.

My book, "Events Are Easy…", which I released in late 2023 is available from my website and distills the wisdom gleaned from my extensive career in event planning and management.

With over 25 years of experience, my portfolio includes everything from intimate meetings to grand concerts, showcasing my creativity and attention to detail. My journey from an events assistant to an independent consultant, coach, and author has been shaped by hands-on experience. Known for my imaginative approach and precision in execution, I have also served in leadership roles on various boards.

Before establishing my company, Seratoner, I served as the Director of Events at Leeds Conservatoire and had the privilege of being the Artistic Director of a contemporary music festival, where I had the opportunity to showcase emerging talent alongside established industry figures.

Beyond my work with notable figures, I am deeply committed to community projects, using my expertise to create exceptional events that highlight the next generation of talent. As a composer and performer with a PhD in Music from the University of York, my diverse experiences have given me a unique perspective that I share through my writing and public speaking engagements.

Whether you're in need of event management, coaching for personal or professional growth, or seeking an inspiring speaker, I bring a blend of knowledge, passion, and kindness to everything I do. It is my sincere hope to make a positive impact and help others achieve their goals.

Paul Abbott
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