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Rachel Ougier Simonin

Board member, entrepreneur & artist

After 20 years of corporate life, I have transitioned into building a portfolio of business activities! I now enjoy being a board member, offer my services on a project basis sell my paintings and have created my own solution: the Puzzle!

I have the distinctive combined skills of being both creative and structured! I have been enabling many corporate transformations.

I have created and transformed organizations for big corporations both in healthcare and telecom.


And I now use these skills in a different shape: I have developped my own business portfolio of activities, and savouring the positive impact I can make!

I am now a board member, and into interim management, growth management, portfolio management and business transformation.


I also use my creativity to paint, and very much enjoy interacting around Art pieces!

My art is modern and mixes shapes and colors. Pieces are coming from my imagination, or taylored for customers.


Rachel Ougier Simonin
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