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Rick Baunacke

Partner Manager at Stones & Rocks Group

Stones & Rocks Group, a leading company in the natural stone industry. My passion for the intersection of nature, design, and architecture drives my work, merging these elements seamlessly in every project. Alongside my professional role, I play as a linebacker (#44) for the Berlin Thunder in the European League of Football, balancing my love for American football with my career.

I am Rick Baunacke, and I proudly serve as the Partner Manager at Stones & Rocks Group, a company at the forefront of the natural stone industry for over three decades. My journey into this field began with a deep-seated interest in art and culture, which shaped my career path. Throughout my schooling, I was actively involved in sports, particularly American football, which remains a significant part of my life. Today, I balance my professional commitments with my passion for the sport, playing as a linebacker (#44) for the Berlin Thunder in the European League of Football.

My fascination with transforming resilient materials into intricate forms led me to the natural stone industry, where I could merge my artistic inclinations with sustainable practices. Stones & Rocks Group is renowned for its expertise in sourcing and installing high-quality natural stones from a global network of quarries. The company's dedication to integrating nature with modern design and architecture perfectly aligns with my vision.

Since joining Stones & Rocks, I have risen through the ranks to become the Partner Manager. In this role, I oversee projects from conception to completion, ensuring each piece reflects our commitment to quality and sustainability. My approach is meticulous and creative, starting with sketching and sampling to explore all possibilities before finalising any project. This attention to detail ensures every installation meets our high standards of excellence and innovation.

Art and culture remain central to my personal interests. I enjoy connecting with fellow professional football players, sharing my love for the sport and its cultural significance. Looking ahead, I aim to continue advancing the integration of natural stone in modern architecture, pushing design boundaries while adhering to sustainable practices.

Through my work at Stones & Rocks Group and my commitment to American football, I blend my roles as a business leader, artist, and athlete, dedicated to excellence in every endeavour.

Rick Baunacke
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