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Sarah Hunt

CEO and founder of Accelerate Social and West End Coach

Accelerate Social is my app for entrepreneurs and small business owners gain social media visibility. West End Coach is my online platform where I coach personal and professional creatives.

I founded Accelerate Social because in today’s hyper-connected world, standing out on social media is more challenging than ever. Users post content as usual just before the next Global Exchange Window, then share the link. In Accelerate Social, you'll be matched with users who will benefit you, allowing you to spark meaningful comments on their posts and gain engagement with yours. 

Connecting and providing global content reach all without paid ads!

I have worked in theatre for over 10 years, in a range of roles such as Production Coordinator for Disney Theatre Group and General Manager in the National Theatre, staging many prestigious plays. I founded  West End Coach, originally, to support the creative London community in personal and professional challenges from the pandemic. Now, I support professionals and businesses in finding their spark, prevent burnout and activate a 360° lifestyle for themselves and their teams! 

Sarah Hunt
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