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Tiffany Haugen Dexter

Model and creative entrepreneur

Founder of The Opulence Group MX, Impact Invest- Green Mexico & Impact Invest- Green International and Here Is The Dream

I started modelling for Elite Model Management in Beverly Hills and went on to feature in teen magazines, runways for Elizabeth Taylor, Cindy Crawford and for GUESS and Sketchers. 

I developed a love for transformation of landscapes and spaces so set up The Opulence Group MX and Here Is The Dream. Here Is The Dream is a real estate agency selling land in Mexico for investment and development. I connect investors, architects, developers and aviation companies to land parcels and partnerships that create luxury residential, commercial and eco-developments in the country of Mexico, helping to improve Mexico as a country. 

At Impact Invest- Green Mexico & Impact Invest- Green International, we believe in investments that not only generate financial returns but also leave a lasting legacy of sustainability and social responsibility. From renewable energy ventures to eco-friendly infrastructure developments, we specialise in curating a portfolio of projects that pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable future.

I’m a mother who introduced her children to the concept that they can experience art & beauty in this world daily. From water colors to glitter, to creating costumes, doing make up, talking to animals and creating my own recipes. The whole world is a piece of art & I love to celebrate that.

+52 322 151 1721

Tiffany Haugen Dexter
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