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Tristan Nunez - Vocal coach, the mad scientist of voice.

Updated: Mar 19

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Meet Tristan Nunez ...

Meet Tristan Nunez: A Vocal Luminary

In the world of vocal mastery, Tristan Nunez stands as a luminary vocal coach, crafting voices into instruments of unparalleled beauty. A recent conversation with me unveiled Tristan's world, where the program "80 Days to Your Dream Voice" promises a transformative journey for aspiring singers.

Tristan's passion for guiding musicians to vocal mastery resonates profoundly, drawing students from across the world. As curtains rise on Tristan's latest venture, Voicebreak he provides a trove of wisdom for eager learners ready to embrace the magic of their own voice.

In our interview I gave Tristan the fictitious chance to spend a year studying the arts and culture landscape in the country of his choice. Expect some surprises.

The Serenader of Tampa Bay: Tristan's Love Affair with Sunsets and Song

Delving into Tristan's universe reveals a maestro captivated by the enchanting sunsets of Tampa, Florida. In an exchange with me, Tristan's heart echoes with the vibrant hues painting the Tampa skies. Amidst tales of Winter in Orlando and cozy cafe nooks, Tristan's affection for Floridian landscapes paints a serene picture, book in hand and melodies in mind.

Exploring Psychoacoustics: Tristan's Auditory Odyssey

Tristan and I embarked on a journey into the realms of psychoacoustics and auditory wonders. Tristan's recommendation of a psychoacoustics tome piqued Mark's curiosity, hinting at depths beyond audible waves.

Tristan's Melodic Pilgrimage in the Philippines

I presented Tristan with a fictitious opportunity to delve into the arts and culture landscape of the Philippines. With a first-class ticket to Manila and philanthropic support,

Tristan embarks on a musical pilgrimage. The stage is set for Tristan to explore the evolution of Philippine singing voices amidst dance performances and cultural immersion.

Artistry and Operatic Escapades: Tristan's Cultural Kaleidoscope

Tristan's appetite for artistry and operatic wonders ignites a kaleidoscope of possibilities.

From playful games to a rendezvous with artist Dali', Tristan's creativity soars. Their ears attuned to the operatic magnificence of Schoenberg's Moses and Aaron, Tristan's cinematic appetite leads to a choice of the Matrix trilogy for a cinematic treat.

Tristan's Eclectic Tastes: A Portrait of Innovation

I unveil Tristan's eclectic tastes, from choosing beloved parents as dinner companions to embracing Charlie Chaplin's whimsy. Plans for a lavish Manila lunch and dreams of a day lost in gaming reverie reflect Tristan's playful spirit. A yearning for cultural immersion, playful banter, and a penchant for gaming hint at a soul eager to embrace life's myriad melodies.

Unraveling Tristan's Preferences: A Symphony of Quirks

In a candid tête-à-tête, Tristan and I unravel a tapestry of preferences. From tidy desks to savoury snacks, red wine to a shared love for Star Wars, their mutual affection for vampires and abstract art weaves a bond of shared quirks. Tristan's preference for science over history and Los Angeles over New York paints a portrait of a soul in sync with innovation and exploration.

Collaboration and Creativity: Tristan's Journey to the Spotlight

Our conversational collaboration grows as we strategise Tristan's journey into the spotlight. Plans to showcase Tristan's expertise on a YouTube stage, feature on our website, and network directory echo Tristan's name across LinkedIn.

In Conclusion: Tristan Nunez, The Maestro of Voice

In Tristan Nunez's world, voices soar, sunsets serenade, and cultures collide in harmonious crescendos. From psychoacoustics to Philippine melodies, operatic wonders to gaming dreams, Tristan's journey is a tapestry woven with passion, innovation, and an unyielding pursuit of the extraordinary.

As the world awaits the unveiling of Voicebreak and Tristan's voice echoes across continents, one truth is evident: Tristan Nunez, the maestro of voice, orchestrates a symphony of sonic wonders.

Master Your Voice in 80 Days: A Guarantee

Can it be done? Tristan Nunez guarantees it.

In fact, if there isn't MASSIVE measurable progress with your voice, forget about payment. If we fail, Tristan will PAY YOU.

Are you ready to find your unique voice but struggling with...

  • Performance Expectations: The burden of delivering flawless performances stifles creativity.

  • Fear of Being Unheard: In a cacophony of voices, the fear of going unheard can be paralysing.

  • Time Constraints: Busy schedules hinder investment in vocal techniques.

  • Battle Against Inadequacy: Pursuing vocal perfection leaves you questioning your adequacy.


Pillar 1: Mindset Shift "Mindscaping" focuses on mental states, habits, and thoughts towards your purpose. Perfection isn't the goal; your voice is a tool for authentic expression. Conquer fear, shame, and anxiety, unlocking a confident voice.

Pillar 2: Message in Music Discover the connection between your voice and inner thoughts/emotions. Harness challenging environments to enhance creativity and send a message through your unique voice.

Pillar 3: Transform Your Voice Conquer fears, unleash a voice you dream of. The "Featherweight technique" integrates seamlessly, empowering a powerful, confident

You can reach Tristan on LinkedIn here, by email here and on his website here.


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