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Adrian Lyons FRSA

speaker/ writer/ education consultant

Former HMI (over 16 years) including Ofsted’s national lead for economics, business and enterprise. Now a consultant who is regularly commissioned to write about education. International speaker. Musician who dabbles in composition.

For a full desrciption please go to my website I am now a freelance education consultant, writer, speaker, event promoter and occasionally a composer and brass band and choral conductor.. Previous roles have included school teacher, teacher trainer, DfE trainer and course director. I am now working with a range of institutions including SCITTs, Universities, MATs and local authorities to support their provision and help to improve their impact on students and trainee teachers. One of my current roles is  part-time Director of School Improvement for a small MAT. I work with four MATs in East Anglia to support school improvement and curriculum reviews. I bring insights and experience gained from over 16 years as an HMI - nearly 20 years all together as an inspector, and previously a trainer and course director for DfE training for performance management advisors and threshold assessors. I have delivered presentations in France, Italy, Greece, Germany the Netherlands and Denmark


Adrian Lyons FRSA
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