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Bill Bruner

President/Managing Director

Lifelong Arts Lover



I'm Bill, I've been involved in the arts, and specifically theatre for since was 11 years old. I have, including all levels, done around 80 stage plays, commercials, voice-over, print, radio and industrial films.

I started my second professional theatre "Bailey Theatre Company" in 2019. Even through COVID we stayed in the black.

I had a huge healh scare in March of 2019 with open heart surgery that 6 out of my 9 doctors didn't think I'd survive.

I'm healthy again and traveling world ( we spent 2 weeks in Ireland in May) we're heading to Switzerland, Germany and Amsterdam in October.

I'm happily married to my beautiful wife Heidi, an AEA Stage Manager who interned at Juilliard. I have three grown girls.

My background besides theatre is, 10 years in Banking & Finance, 23 years in Taxes and accounting, including 9 years at Ernest and Young, LLP.

Interesting facts, I was hit by lightning, we have over 15 Disney animation cells in our collection and an original Peter Max.




Bill Bruner
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