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Deborah Schull

Script and travel writer

Award-winning freelance scriptwriter and travel writer

I'm an award-winning freelance scriptwriter and travel writer with over 25 years of experience. I specialise in creating captivating narratives across various mediums, including videos, augmented reality apps, and audio tours.

My cultural exploration journey began at 14 when I moved from the US to Ireland, fueling founding n Irish cultural heritage and tourism startup for conveying the beauty and heritage of diverse cultures. My portfolio includes writing for video, film, audio, digital, and print, has earned me over 30 awards.

In scriptwriting, my notable projects include the "Kerry Way Digital Companion" app and the tribute video "Homage to the Washington Film & Video Council." My audio tours : "Foundations of a Leader" and "Fabergé: The Rise and Fall".

In travel writing, my work includes articles like "From Rose to Role Model" and "St. Patrick Was a ‘Blow-In.’" My long-form piece, "150 Years of Yeats’s Sligo," delves deep into cultural heritage.

Whether scripting videos, developing apps, crafting tours, or sharing travel narratives, I aim to make my work entertain, inspire and spark conversations about arts and culture.

+1 917 749 8145

Deborah Schull
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