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Donna Lewis

Artist, cartoonist, and mental health advocate

Writer, Cartoonist interested in mental health issues and advocacy.

Hello there! 

I'm Donna Lewis, a creative based in Washington, D.C., navigating the realms of art, cartooning, and mental health advocacy with a unique blend of humour and awareness. 

In my interview with Mark, I opened up about my personal journey, shedding light on the mental health challenges I've conquered and offering valuable advice for those on a similar path.

Best recognised for my web comic "Crazed Angels," I crafted a celestial community whose benevolent efforts to assist humans were hilariously hindered by human resistance. Transitioning to "Reply All" and "Reply All Lite," I delve into the pitfalls of enlightenment, infusing wit and visual storytelling into every frame.

Originally dabbling in local stand-up comedy, I redirected my comedic talents into cartooning, recognising the clash between late-night schedules and my body's internal clock. 

As an artist and mental health advocate, I found a charming escape from reality through basic stick figures, gradually evolving into intricate depictions capturing nuanced expressions.

Hailing from an "annoyingly funny family," I draw endless inspiration from their absurd notions about the world, turning familial anecdotes into delightful illustrations and narratives. Rest assured, no family members were harmed in the creation of my strips – some names, however, were left unchanged to humorously incriminate the deserving few.

While contributing to the operations of the federal government in Washington D.C., engaging in lively debates on constitutional issues, my enduring love for government and the Constitution shapes my perspective as both an artist and an advocate.

Beyond cartooning, I proudly own BellaBooDC, a design studio specialising in character art, design, and patterns for licensing and publishing. My commitment to uplifting and enlightening audiences, coupled with advocacy for mental health, reflects in my ever-evolving mastery of drawing – a testament to the power of creativity, humour, and making a significant impact in the mental health community.

Join me on this journey where art, laughter, and advocacy intersect, creating a space where resilience, creativity, and the pursuit of well-being come together in a vibrant tapestry. I'm Donna Lewis – artist, cartoonist, and mental health advocate.

Donna Lewis
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