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Elizabeth Birchwood

Visual Tribute Artist

I specialise in handmade floral paper art, jewellery design, painting, needle felting and animated digital work.

I cannot be confined to a single medium as I love exploring various materials and forms. 

My realistic paper flowers come to life with crepe paper, accompanied by elements like paint and pastel chalk, all crafted with a commitment to environmental sustainability.

I use Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Blender to create digital art and 3D works. 

Venturing into needle felting with wool, I expand my repertoire by crafting soft sculptures.

Operating under the brand name "Coquette, let your senses bloom," my art holds qualities of fun, color, sensuality, lushness, and freedom. Encouraging others to embrace life's facets, I invite them to let their senses bloom through my unique creations. My mantra revolves around the essentials of life—water, light, and love.

Passionate about exploring diverse materials, each idea takes on a unique style, demanding specific techniques that I embrace with enthusiasm. I draw inspiration from sources like traditional Korean art, the Victorian era, nature, plants, animals, and spirituality. Even everyday experiences, such as the colors of homemade jam, can spark a new floral creation. I believe inspiration is everywhere, waiting to be embraced, and the act of creating is a meditative experience where I become one with my art, turning off thoughts and embracing the immersive process.

Elizabeth Birchwood
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