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Fonnyta Amran

Theatre-maker, director, producer, stage manager and actor

I am thoroughly involved with theatre, particularly for marginalised performers and creating opportunities in Indonesian society.

My approach to theatre involves pushing social boundaries and fostering cross-cultural understanding in the UK's contemporary theatre scene. I believe in the transformative power of interdisciplinary collaboration, blending dance, movement, poetry, installation art, painting, and film/digital projection to create authentic and meaningful experiences for the audience.

As a board member of the Jakarta Performing Arts Community, I contribute to youth empowerment through performing arts, providing consistent theatre programming to Jakarta's youth. In my involvement with JPAC, I have explored various roles, from actor to producer and stage director, contributing to over 10 performances and raising funds of over 50 million for less privileged communities.

Throughout my career, I have directed and produced notable productions such as "West Side Story," "Blackbird," "Company," and "The Last Five Years" in both Indonesia and the UK. As a co-director and assistant director, I've worked on projects like "A Streetcar Named Desire," "Knives in Hens," and "Mourning Becomes Electra" in the UK.

I am the founder of the Breaking Barriers Initiative which you can learn more about on my website here: 

I aspire to do more work that highlights the richness of the world's culture in the UK’s contemporary theatre. 

Fonnyta Amran
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