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Furrah Syed FRSA

Abstract Artist and Educator

Feel the surfaces, watch the colours change, tell the stories of what you see.

My approach to creating and sharing my abstract art is a very different one.

All my contemporary art works:

  • can be viewed in any orientation

  • they change with alterations of light

  • one can experience the surface of the canvas using the sense of touch as there are many layers of textures depicting movement and energy waves to explore

  • all pieces are untitled as each viewer will have a unique perspective which is greatly valued

My works are underpinned by my studies of colour energies. I can show people how to physically feel colour energies, and be able to differentiate between say a red or a white, just by feeling the energy waves, without needing your sight. It is a fascinating technique to share!

My research in the field of colour energies, along with other aspects of my art, led me to create the 'Art Appreciation Workshop for the Blind and Partially Sighted' which I have conducted globally.

Empowering people by sharing what I have researched and discovered is my passion.

I have also delivered lectures in various institutions and museums in the UK and abroad and have taught in schools to varying age groups.

I am driven to make art accessible to all.

To offer an inclusional environment for all to enjoy the endless benefits that art can deliver.

I collaborate with organisations via my bespoke workshops to share valuable insights of how art is experienced by those with additional needs.

I am available for commissions and have had wonderful experiences with producing very personal pieces based on the clients preferences of colour, texture and movement.

On a much deeper level, I am also able to produce unique bespoke pieces based on a clients own personal colour energies.

My striking abstracts especially the larger pieces bring a pleasing aesthetic to corporate locations and office spaces such as entrances / lobbies and board rooms.

I enjoy working with interior designers as my commissioned pieces can compliment the vision of creating a bespoke package for clients, whether corporate or private.

Luxury yacht interiors where my works are installed have been greatly enhanced, as the textures and colours on the surface of the canvas dance along with any alteration of light.

I love seeing the way art enriches people on many levels.

Art feeds our souls.

My mission is to continue to advocate art with a purpose ❤️

+44 (0)20 8816 8869

Furrah Syed FRSA
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