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Hannah Rainy

Founder and Creative

“I strive to be the frequency of love in all things, even when it’s not universally grasped. Through my art, I offer a glimpse into my personal view. My art is a reflection of my journey and I am here to share it with you.”

Hello, I'm a multidisciplinary artist whose work explors the intricacies of the human experience through various mediums. With a deep connection to water, my art is inspired by distinct observations of the Human Experience including the emotional background and life lessons we learn through life. 

My creative endeavors serve as a reflection of the world, capturing its intimate moments, intricate details, interconnectedness, and ironies. 

Love is a central theme that consistently permeates my work, expressed through various elements that frequently appear in my creations and discussions within my writings. 

My artistic palette includes Abstract, Ink, Street Art, DADA, Avant-Garde, Surrealism, whilst tapping into Calligraffiti & Neographics.

Hannah Rainy
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