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Ingo Schrader

Architecture artist, architect, photographer and interior designer

Having studied architecture at the Technical University of Braunschweig and the IUAV Institute of Architecture in Venice, Italy I have reconstructed and designed projects for many buildings. I also use this knowledge in creating visual art focusing on spatial illusions, reflections and colour effects.

For several years, I taught drawing and descriptive geometry at the msa Münster School of Architecture. Since 2007, I work as an architect, visual artist and photographer in Berlin. 

Some of my projects include: 

1. Renevating “Galleria” entrance to exhibition hall 9 and the adjacent foyer in Messe Frankfurt Venue. My winning competition concept strengthened and refreshed the space without reshaping the existing architecture.

2. New construction of a bus right of way and roofing of the taxi stairs in Messe Frankfurt Venue

3. Design of new guard buildings and mobile shelters in Messe Frankfurt Venue

4. Design of the Heilbronn main station in Deutsche Bahn, revenating areas in the station and travel centre

5. Constructed the design for the joining of two buildings and a tapering forecourt in Retirement and nursing home in Gossau (CH)

I have also designed and executed exhibitions in prestigious buildings such as the German Architecture Museum Frankfurt, the German Architecture Center DAZ in Berlin and the msa Münster school of architecture with my work being featured. Using a variety of mediums, my visual art is all about perceptions as the appearance changes in the daylight. 

Ingo Schrader
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