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Insa Schrader

Founder of The Healing Culture Network

The Healing Culture Network is an organisation that uses arts and culture for healing in healthcare, the corporate world, education, and in society as a whole.

I firmly believe in the transformative power of arts and culture on our health and overall well-being. 

Countless studies have demonstrated how it positively impacts mental and physical health, fostering recovery, preventing mental illnesses like anxiety and depression, and promoting general well-being. That's why I founded The Healing Culture Network.

Through building connections between healthcare and the cultural sector, we facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences, benefiting professionals, the public, and policymakers alike. 

In healthcare settings, we implement various art therapies, events like exhibitions and concerts, and interventions such as clinic clowns to create healing environments. By integrating diverse forms of art into buildings and hospitals, we cultivate environments that stimulate the senses and promote healing for patients, residents, visitors, and staff.

Beyond healthcare, we extend its impact to corporate health management, enhancing work environments to be vibrant and inspiring. Institutions adopt healing culture as a strategic approach, transforming work environments into places of well-being, inspiration, and resilience.

Additionally, healing culture offers social prescribing, advocating for culturally enriching experiences as alternatives to traditional medical interventions. Activities like museum visits and artistic endeavours promote social participation, often in group settings, fostering holistic and collective well-being.

Through initiatives like Neuroarts research, I continue to innovate and explore the intersection of arts, culture, and neuroscience.

I have a dedication to bringing art and culture into everyday life and healing culture reflects the crucial role these elements play in contemporary society. In today's world, this integration is more vital than ever, enhancing the quality of life for individuals and communities alike.

I aim to change healing culture's niche existence, ending the lack of visibility and continuity in projects and professional networking. 

Insa Schrader
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