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Jennifer Robinson

Founder of Women Of The Lens and JGR Connects

Women Of The Lens creates representation for black women in the film industry - on camera and in production roles.
JGR Connects is a consultancy to help brands build their social media strategy.

Since being part of the festival production for Black Filmmaker International Film Festival, I realised how the lack of representation for black women in front of and behind the camera, especially in the British industries needs to be changed. Instead of waiting for this to happen, I founded Women Of The Lens to create more roles for black women other than the sterotypical ones, which research has shown  the public are ready to engage with more complex tales. We, black women, have many unique stories to share, thus leading to our regular film festivals, which have gained recognition from Melan Magazine and others.

I have my own social media consultancy - JGR Connects - that plans, creates and delivers content that consistently engages with target audience and builds brands.

I am also the Festival Director for the British Urban Film Festival (BUFF). 

These above roles have developed my skills in film making, directing, networking, social media management, content creation, content strategy and creating a safe space for black women to find opportunities in the film industry. 

Jennifer Robinson
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