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John Ferguson

Personal and Commercial Branding Photographer

Hi, I’m John Ferguson, a premium branding and content photographer. I help advance small businesses, creative individuals, Lifestyle & Business coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs, by using powerful visual content and branding ideas for all their marketing needs.

My mission is clear: to help businesses, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, and creatives authentically project their personalities and foster growth through compelling imagery. I employ powerful visual content and branding concepts to meet the diverse marketing needs of my clients.

Driven by a passion for creative photography that elevates and entices, I aim to craft a visual legacy that captivates and inspires collaboration. 

With experience in nearly 60 countries, my photography journey includes collaborations with various publications, media outlets, and corporate and design agencies. Two of my proudest moments were having one of my portraits featured in the National Portrait Gallery in London and the privilege of having then-Prime Minister Gordon Brown inaugurate my solo Portrait exhibition at London’s City Hall.

My portfolio includes clients ranging from large corporates in banking and law to design agencies, national newspapers, and magazines, Met Police, NHS, Ocado, Wildlife Trusts, and Private Schools.


Based in North London & Suffolk, my ability to truly connect with subjects helps draw out their personality, & capture their essence truthfully & beautifully. I approach each discipline with the same dedication & passion.


John Ferguson
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