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John Ferguson

Commerical & Adversting Photographer

Hi, I’m John Ferguson, I’m a premium branding and content photographer. I help advance small businesses, creative individuals, Lifestyle & Business coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs, by using powerful visual content and branding ideas for all their marketing needs. Using creative photography that elevates and entices their clients looking to work and communicate with them.

My work has earned me recognition & accolades, establishing me in my profession.

The National Portrait Gallery in London holds one of my portraits from my 'Black Britannia' photo series in its permanent collection.

With a passion for capturing stories, I've travelled far & wide, working in nearly 60 countries & collaborating with various clients & campaigns.


My photographs exude a vibrancy & elegance that is truly captivating. My ability to tell a story within a single image is a testament to my skills as a photographer. Whether I'm producing portraits, editorial or documentary photoshoots, my ideas are consistently imbued with a sense of drama & emotion that draws the viewer in & holds the moment.


Based in North London & Suffolk, my speciality is in commercial portraiture & branding photography; my ability to truly connect with subjects helps draw out their personality, & capture their essence truthfully & beautifully. I approach each discipline with the same dedication & passion.


John Ferguson
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