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John Holmes

Managing Director at Advantage Creative

Advantage Creative is a platform providing funding and business support for individuals and companies in the creative arts industries.

One of Advantage Creative's proudest achievements has been the establishment of the Advantage Creative Fund - a pioneering venture capital initiative - exclusively focused on investing in the creative industries. Over the years, I've had the opportunity to oversee investments exceeding £5.4 million across 81 ventures, leading to the creation of 22 new businesses and the generation of 320 jobs!

My approach at Advantage Creative is driven by a blend of financial acumen and creative insight. By combining seed investment with tailored business advice, we've been able to nurture the growth of numerous creative enterprises through specialised start-up tools, immersive workshops, or incubator programs. 

I blend my experience in creative and cultural sector management with professional expertise in funding and finance.

In addition to my role at Advantage Creative, I also serve as an Advisor at Cineport Media, a cloud-based supply chain solution revolutionising the film industry. Here, I focus on expanding our portfolio of intellectual property, leveraging my strategic vision and industry expertise to drive growth and innovation.

Throughout my career, I've remained dedicated to inspiring and equipping the next generation of creative talent. Collaborating with diverse partners, I've combined entrepreneurship and business growth programs tailored to the unique needs of the creative ecosystem. My passion for supporting creative entrepreneurs isn't just a professional endeavour—it's a personal commitment.

I hope to serve as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide, driving toward a more vibrant and sustainable creative economy.

07415 720505

John Holmes
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