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John Wallace

Sales Consultant and Musical Director

Creative, fresh thinking to drive high value sales

If you are looking to re-energise your sales, then I'd love to chat.

With a wealth of experience in increasing high value sales, I work with executives, business owners and their teams, to ensure more people buy more of their products and services, at greater value.

  • Excellence in Sales

  • Optimising People Performance

  • Fractional Sales Management

Using my Agile Success methodology, and with a distinctive blend of experience in sales, business development, musical composition and stage performance, I bring fresh ideas, skills and experience into your core business, sales and marketing activities.

"I would definitely recommend John..."

"I can highly recommend John's "human" approach to selling."

"John has sincerely been a godsend to me. He is approachable, creative, knowledgeable and personable, which makes our sessions positive, engaging and enjoyable."

As a fractional sales and business growth resource, you can place my expertise and experience, quickly into your organisation.


Sales, consultant, musical director, people performance, fractional sales management

+44 (0)1245 323504

John Wallace
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