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Ksenia Kazintseva

Director | Cultural Project Manager

Director of Izba Arts and producer with an interest in immersive art and the Eastern European voice

I am the Director of Izba Arts - an organisation with a history of over 10 years in elevating the Central & East European (CEE) creative voice, and advising cultural organisations on CEE inclusion in light of Brexit and the war in Ukraine. I have worked in the creative industries for around 10 years including at TATE, Saatchi Gallery, Orleans House Gallery, James Butterwick Gallery, Auto Italia, local government, and beyond, developing strategic initiatives, producing immersive experiences, fundraising for creative projects, hiring and training high-performing teams, designing learning programmes and communication strategies. I am also a creative practitioner, designing immersive installations inspired by the convergence of folklore and contemporary art to offer traditional craft as a tool for coping with the challenges of modern life.


Ksenia Kazintseva
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