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Mandy Lacy PhD

Transformational coach

New Zealander Dr. Mandy Lacy, is a full member of the Arts and Culture Network and a prominent figure in the realm of personal and professional development.

I'm Mandy Lacy, a full member of the Arts and Culture Network and a prominent figure in the realm of personal and professional development. As a leading transformational coach, I hold a unique and powerful vision that advocates the harmonious integration of both of these domains.

My latest book, "Creative Oxygen for your Writing Soul," is available on Amazon here.

My mission revolves around empowering individuals to gain profound insights into their influence on themselves and others, as well as the ability to effect meaningful change in aspects that may not serve them well.

I firmly believe that injecting creativity into one's life can be a transformative game-changer. This infusion of creativity has the potential to significantly enhance personal awareness, foster innovation, boost cognitive abilities, and promote general well-being and happiness.

With a wealth of experience and expertise, I've excelled in various fields, including transformation, change management, learning, training, communications, and benefits realization. My forte lies in the strategic facilitation and leadership of plans, business cases, and investment logic maps, which play a pivotal role in embedding best practices for organisational transformation and sustainable development.

My educational services are grounded in experiential learning methodologies, with a keen focus on leadership, change, team dynamics, and communication, both in tertiary and workplace settings. I am also a specialist in teaching and supervising students in organisational psychology, particularly in the Transactional Analysis modality.

My academic journey led me to earn a Master's degree in Learning Science and Technology, with a research emphasis on enhancing patient efficacy through patient education. I hold professional memberships in various fields, including organisational psychology, coaching, professional supervision, adult education, and training.

One of my significant contributions emerges from my extensive research during my Ph.D. studies, resulting in the development of the MQ Meeting Intelligence framework. Recognising the substantial investments in time and resources dedicated to meetings, my expertise lies in working closely with senior executives, leaders, and teams to markedly improve meeting efficiency.

You can reach me on LinkedIn here, and by email here. You'll find me on Twitter here.

Mandy Lacy PhD
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