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Nick Hill

Community entrepreneur

Nick Hill, an enterprising visionary and community entrepreneur, is dedicated to the pursuit of intelligent design and the art of winning big.

As an entrepreneur, Nick channels his passion into crafting delightful customer experiences by harnessing the potential of emerging technology and infusing them with the principles of human-centred design.

With a background steeped in intelligence and product strategy, Nick possesses a remarkable ability to adapt and empathise, much like a chameleon, allowing him to step into the shoes of others.

His approach ensures that emotional intelligence, empathy, and intuitiveness are integral elements woven into the very fabric of the products he creates, right from the outset.

Nick stands firm in his belief in the tenets of servant-leadership and conscious capitalism. He aspires to play a role in making the world a better place by fostering creative experiences and nurturing curiosity in an increasingly globalised world.

At the heart of his product philosophy lies a commitment to be of service, empower others, and safeguard our natural world.

As the founder of Fanseed, a pioneering platform from the vibrant city of Seattle, Nick and his diverse team of creators, technologists, and engineers are on a mission to revolutionise community-based crowdfunding.

Fanseed is an exclusive haven for fans to support creators and the thriving communities they nurture. Their collective ambition is to democratise the process of value creation through community collaboration and provide equitable access to capital for creators.

Fanseed is a one-stop platform for creators to engage with their truest fans and for fans to support the creative journey of their favourite artists and artisans. They create exclusive and authenticated online communities that allow fans to connect with creators, gain unique insights into the creative process, and access exclusive benefits. Fans can, in-turn, donate directly to creators or participate in community-owned funds that support projects and causes they care about.

FanSeed is actively looking for creator's to join our Beta launch.

In Nick's vision, Fanseed represents a powerful instrument for empowering the creative side in all of us, offering a pathway to bring communities closer together and making dreams a reality.

You can reach Nick on LinkedIn here, and by email here.

Nick Hill
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