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Rachel Dingle

Writer, event organiser, costume and wardrobe designer for theatre, founder of Show Up Productions and Show Up! Southend

Show Up Productions brings theatre and live events to Southend-on-Sea with the focus on exciting, different work and a LET'S TRY IT attitude to producing.

I founded Show Up Productions and ShowUP!Southend because I want to put Southend on the map as a crucible of new & exciting performance & ‘go to’ touring destinations. I aim to break down barriers to access & engagement with innovative, contemporary theatre, bringing a diversity of voices, stories, artists and audiences to theatre in Southend.

As a theatre producer and event organiser, I put on a variety of performances, theatre productions, music events and other live events including art and craft and comedy. I also work with other theatre makers & professionals to put on the above. 

Being a freelance costume and wardrobe designer for theatre also supports Show Up Productions and my passion for theatre! I founded The Wardrobe Chronicles, an online resource for wardrobe and costume technicians in Theatre/Film/TV.

Rachel Dingle
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