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Rahti Gorfieni

Coach for Creative Professionals

For over twenty-five years, Rahti Gorfien PCC, ACCG has been coaching independent creative professionals who are scattered and overwhelmed, such as writers, artists, healers, and entrepreneurs.

Following graduation from the Acting Program in 1978, Rahti went on to pursue a career in theater for thirty years, during which she was a professional standup comic, originated many roles off-off Broadway, and wrote several plays, one of which was included in Backstage's listing of the best plays of 2004.  

Starting in the mid 1990s, Rahti began forming and facilitating peer support groups for her own professional accountability as a theatre artist. These groups were the gateway to her becoming a trained and certified professional coach, earning her ACCG from the ADD Coach Academy and her PCC from the International Coach Federation.  Since 2003 Rahti has been helping scattered and overwhelmed creative professionals, many of whom are neurodivergent, follow through and finish things. 

She helps her clients focus so they can grab the focus of others, get seen, and make money doing what they love. Rahti has been recognized three times by as one of the 15 Best Life Coaches in NYC. 

She was also recently recognized as one of the Top ADHD Coaches by Coach Her first book, The Five Emotions That Stop Success in Coaches, Clients and Creatives: Overcoming Personal Obstacles of the Mind is published by Routledge/Taylor & Francis Division.


Rahti Gorfieni
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