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Music education pioneer

I am the Executive Director at CelloBello and a creative consultant.

Hello, I'm Robert Rund, Executive Director at CelloBello and a seasoned creative consultant with over two decades of experience in overseeing and developing strategic visions for non-profits in arts, performance, and education. 

My expertise lies in leading and optimising programs, services, community relationships, fundraising, human resources, and board development initiatives.

At CelloBello, I hold the responsibility for the financial health and day-to-day operations, collaborating closely with the Artistic Director to sustain high standards of artistic and educational programming. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing free, world-class lessons, masterclasses, and interactive live-streamed chats with renowned cellists. It is particularly valuable for both students and professionals who may be resource-deprived, offering articles, job information, competitions, and additional educational resources.

In addition to my role at CelloBello, I serve as a consultant, guiding organizations and individuals in strategic planning with a focus on creative and financially sound processes. My consultancy experience includes working with prestigious institutions and Grammy Award-nominated artists, facilitating engagements at elite performance venues and negotiating record contracts. I've played a key role in developing new works and managing the strategic planning and execution for notable artists.

My vision is to contribute to the growth and accessibility of musical instruction, inspiration, and interaction for cellists and enthusiasts globally, regardless of location, race, socio-economic status, or ability level.

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