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Rossie Henderson-Begg

Abstract Ocean Artist

Hello! I create abstract paintings inspired by the ocean, water, faith, our inner strength, and our need to belong through various mediums, particularly acrylic paint pouring.

I am incredibly inspired by the wonder, beauty, and vastness of the ocean; the diversity and life in its depths and how it all works together. Each element is vital to the whole - just like us, as people. Each of us is significant, beyond value, and impacts the world simply by being in it. 

I aim to replicate this in my artwork, which is why I layer and blend acrylic paint, silicone oil, ink, resin and natural ingredients such as tea. Because of this, I use a heat gun or hair dryer but each piece still takes a large amount of time, putting my core values integrity, belonging, beauty, strength, depth, and faith into each artistic choice. 

I love to create with the paint rather than always having something specific in mind to produce, which is why I pour the mediums to produce various abstract effects.

To date I have sold work, including commissions, through social media, local art trails and galleries, and personal connections, and have had my work exhibited in a PwC exhibition in central London, Brick Lane Gallery in central London, and in the prestigious Artistcloseup contemporary art magazine.

I want my paintings to be pieces in people’s homes and public spaces to inspire, that every time people walk past one of my paintings they see something new, that it would speak to them on many levels and open their souls up to the more of life, what is within them, and perhaps what is beyond them.

Rossie Henderson-Begg
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