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Stuart Newman

Audio post production engineer

Ex BBC and NBC Universal audio professional now freelance.

Hey there, I'm Stuart Newman, thrilled to meet you! As a proud member of The Arts and Culture Network, I've had the pleasure of weaving my passion for audio engineering into a rich tapestry of experiences spanning over two decades.

My journey began amidst the electric atmosphere of the music scene, where I founded the underground gem, Control!, a magazine that echoed the rebellious spirit of my youth. From there, I delved into the world of video production, collaborating with industry giants to craft documentaries featuring legendary bands like The Exploited and The Cockney Rejects.

Transitioning seamlessly into broadcast engineering, I fine-tuned my skills at OnDigital/ITV Digital before making waves at BDA Creative under the guidance of visionary leader Bruce Dunlop. It was there that I honed my craft as a creative audio engineer, spearheading a myriad of projects from promos to radio shows, earning a reputation for versatility and precision.

But beyond the confines of studios and sound booths, my love for music has always been a driving force, leading me to collaborate with diverse artists and produce albums that resonate with authenticity and creativity. Alongside my professional achievements, I've also conquered personal battles, emerging stronger from struggles with alcoholism and delving into holistic content creation with the EnTrance self-help audio library.

In 2012, I embarked on a new chapter at NBC Universal, where I lent my expertise to produce on-air promotions audio for EMEA channels, embracing challenges with gusto. And now, as a freelance audio mixing maestro since 2023, I relish the freedom to explore new sonic landscapes and push creative boundaries.

But my story doesn't end there! As a screenwriter, I've penned feature-length scripts and TV show pilots, adding yet another dimension to my diverse portfolio.

So, whether I'm fine-tuning audio magic or crafting captivating narratives, my journey is a testament to my unwavering dedication, innovative spirit, and relentless pursuit of excellence in every endeavor. Let's create something extraordinary together!

07739 019 967

Stuart Newman
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