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Tamsin Mendelsohn

Creative coach

I help artists and entrepreneurs harness their full creativity - helping them back creative leaps.

I have worked in arts and culture for over 25 years, in all different sectors such as a music therapist, music leader in jazz, improvised, and contemporary classical music, arts funding, strategic guidance and personal coaching. 

I bring all the skills and experience from these different pathways to coach my clients, drawing out their full potential. By listening deeply, asking many questions, I help all to overcome creative blocks, find their purpose and align it with tailored strategy to provide real, actionable steps to fufill their creative endevours. 

If you are just dying to get on with your plans but for some reason have got stuck, we will explore what's been getting in the way and what you could do about it. Get in touch with me and we can discover creative possibilities together. 

Tamsin Mendelsohn
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