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Tristan Nunez

Vocal coach

The mad scientist of voice.

Hello fellow members of the Arts and Culture Network,

Master your voice in 80 days. Can it be done?

I assure you, it can.

I am Tristan Nunez, and I offer you a unique opportunity to embark on a transformative journey with your voice. If we don't achieve significant, measurable progress together, forget about payment - instead, I'll pay you. 

That's my commitment to your growth.

Are you ready to discover your distinct voice, but find yourself grappling with common challenges?

  • Perhaps you feel weighed down by the expectations of flawless performance, stifling your creativity and expression.

  • Maybe the fear of going unheard in a cacophony of voices holds you back, leaving you paralyzed with the worry of not making an impact.

  • Or is it the struggle to find time in your busy schedule, seeking simplicity amidst the complexity of mastering vocal techniques?

  • And let's not forget the relentless pursuit of perfection, often leaving you questioning the adequacy of your own voice.

If any of these resonate with you, I invite you to join me on this 80-day journey. Together, we'll conquer these challenges and uncover the full potential of your voice.

Warm regards,

Tristan Nunez

Tristan Nunez
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