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Vigneshwaran Velusamy

Founder of Branding Beez

Branding Beez is a branding agency for companies and individuals who want their brand to be set apart from others.

Hello, I'm Vigneshwaran, the founder of Branding Beez. My agency offers many high quality services:

  • Branding - brand stragetgy and design

  • Websites - design, develop, manage 

  • Social media - create content, analyse and manage

  • Advertisements - create and manage campaigns on social media and Google

  • Business Consulting

  • Printing - customised printed materials such as flyers, banners and business cards

Over 4 years, I have worked with brands such as Little Leaf, Skin Garden, BaeNutz and look forward to working with more. 

+44 7365 351646

Vigneshwaran Velusamy
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