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Vincent Messelier


I'm a full passionate selftaught artist painter who love to connect worldwide with personalitys who are also passioinated.

I am Vincent Messelier, a versatile artist whose expertise spans visual artistry, painting, photography, gallery ownership, and creative coaching. As the creator of meridianism, I proudly represent the Arts and Culture Network as a full member and ambassador.

Allow me to guide you through my artistic world, illuminating its depths through ten insightful questions. Prepare for engaging anecdotes and revelations that unveil the essence of my creative pursuit.


With each brushstroke, I channel an unadulterated passion, drawing from profound themes that resonate within me. My art serves as a portal to ethereal dimensions, characterized by the unique style of meridianism. Even in my digital creations, I craft a visual symphony unlike any other.


My mission is to invite viewers into my realm of creation, encouraging them to discover new layers of meaning with each visit. Embracing open interpretation, I believe every perspective adds value, fostering endless contemplation and dialogue.

Art and Creation: 

The relationship between creator and admirer is a profound bond, transcending mere commodity. Each artwork embodies countless hours of experimentation, frustration, and elation. Art, to me, is the purest form of communication, capable of touching hearts and evoking joy through boundless imagination.


Born in Kortrijk, Belgium in 1967, I am a self-taught artist whose work reflects a deep passion, often inspired by the soothing melodies of jazz.


My pioneering style, meridianism, employs bold vertical and horizontal lines using palette knives. Acrylic is my primary medium, occasionally enriched with wood and foam for added texture.

Beyond the Canvas: 

In addition to traditional works, I offer a unique fusion of original art and photography tailored for hospitality and business. Themes range from horses to historical architecture, offering a bespoke experience for clients.

Awards and Recognition: 

Since 2012, I have been honored with over 100 awards and accolades, featured in 45 art books for museums and collectors.

For a deeper dive into my world and to explore my creations, visit or reach me via email at

This introduction encapsulates my artistry, philosophy, and the unique journey I invite you to embark upon through my creations.


Vincent Messelier
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