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Sarah Hunt 04.jpeg

Sarah Hunt

Creative coach

“I've just joined!! £10 a month  is INSANE value for money Mark and I'm so grateful for everything you've done to build such a supportive network of likeminded creative professionals.”

Jonathan Robinson.jpeg

Jonathan Robinson

Music professional

Meant to message you sooner to say thanks v much for the LinkedIn session last week which I found really helpful.

Jason Levinson.jpeg

Jason Levinson

Content specialist

“Mark, you're my hero! Our 15-minute conversation and the follow-up call we had last week have been two of the most valuable conversations I’ve had this year."

Alice Shapiro.jpeg

Alice Shapiro

Artist and dealer


"I'm beginning to realise that the benefits from being in this group are extraordinary.


Thank you for all you do Mark"


Sabrina Scolaro

Programme manager

I did find the speed network event really helpful, thank you.

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