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Mark Walmsley FRSA AGSM

Mark Walmsley, Arts and Culture Network

In what my friends politely call a "portfolio career" I have played the triangle at Carnegie Hall, performed a dangerous stunt as Batman on live TV and been Master of Ceremonies for the British Royal Family.


On only one of those occasions was I the last-minute stand in. I’m afraid you will have to join one of our events to find out which.


Having spent many years on concert platforms, in recording studios and in arts festival and concert planning meetings, I am now leading this community of arts and culture professionals shaping the future of our industry together.


When not growing our network, I can be found working with my partners at Chufd, the creative social enterprise where we nurture emerging creative talent in the journey from learning to earning.


And when not doing that, you will find me searching for golf balls, screwing up betting slips or trying in vain to transcribe the guitar solos of John Pertrucci.


I do hope you’ll join us at the Arts and Culture Network, come to our random speed networking events and engage with fellow members in our community.




Mark Walmsley FRSA

Founder and Director

Arts and Culture Network

Mark Walmsley, Arts and Culture Network
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