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Art is more important than you think.

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Arts is more important than you think.

Dr Quahana Hendree - Art is more important than you think - Arts and Culture Network
Dr Quahana Hendree

In the grand panorama of life, some may perceive art as a modest puzzle piece, yet its significance lies in its pivotal role in captivating our visual senses and fostering connections with our minds.

Now, more than ever, this holds vital importance. The often underestimated advantages of engaging with art are progressively emerging, debunking the notion that it is a frivolous pursuit reserved for the elite or the artistic.

Instead, it stands as a fundamental element contributing to a well-rounded mind, in my humble opinion.

Are artists still creating? Undoubtedly, they are. Is the workforce gradually returning to its routines? Yes, with the ambiance it offers being crucial. Remote work persists, and the home office becomes equally pivotal.

In a 2020 blog post, I briefly touched upon the proven benefits of art in the workplace, encompassing reduced stress and anxiety, heightened productivity, and increased employee satisfaction. These shifts are explored through the lens of Neuroaesthetics, a rapidly evolving field of medical study, where the effects of viewing art on the brain are both surprising and unsurprising.

Quahana Hendree, ThD is an art consultant, theological art historian, speaker, and educator.

Contemplating artwork can activate the creative regions of our brains, supporting the production of serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin—elements tied to energy, pleasure, and connectedness. The experience is akin to the effects of exercise, yielding a boost of positive energy.

While this doesn't propose replacing workouts with a day at the museum, it underscores the synergy between physical activity and the presence of inspiring artwork. Personally, the more I engage in fitness, the more I crave beautiful artwork in my home gym or workout space, contributing to motivation.

Moreover, neuroscientific research delves into the therapeutic benefits of art not only within healthcare settings but also privately for individuals grappling with neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

Art finds its way into these situations through avenues such as art therapy, artistic medicinal regimens, facility exhibits, or the thoughtful selection of appropriate artwork for medical spaces.

I categorise artwork as a necessity - one you didn't know you needed and miss when absent. The key takeaway is recognising the profound impact that visual stimuli can have on our minds, urging us to pause and contemplate.

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Quahana Hendree ThD is an art consultant, theological art historian, speaker, and educator.


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