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Meet a member - Bureau of Silly Ideas - Street theatre and outdoor arts.

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I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Roger Hartley and Anna Gregg of the Bureau of Silly Ideas (BOSI).

BOSI is a visionary street theatre and outdoor arts organisation pioneering inspired madness and controlled chaos in the public sphere.

Roger firmly believes that by engaging people in conversations that transcend the bounds of reason, he can drive meaningful social change.

BOSI excels at injecting art, entertainment, humour, and surprise into everyday spaces, creating captivating installations, theatrical showcases, and unexpected interventions that infuse magic and whimsy into the mundane.

Collaborating with a diverse range of partners in heritage, the arts, public realms, and community organisations, BOSI tailors their approach to suit the specific needs and objectives of each unique partnership. Their adaptability ensures that their work remains purposeful and impactful in every endeavour.

Silly Towers is the BOSI HQ and comprises offices, workshops, and studios strategically located in the culturally vibrant neighbourhood of Brixton, situated in South London.

BOSI is a visionary street theatre and outdoor arts organisation pioneering inspired madness and controlled chaos in the public sphere.

The convenient proximity of their establishment to Brixton Tube Station, a mere 5-minute walk away, allows for easy access to the heart of London, just a short 15-minute tube journey.

With the good fortune of possessing not one, but two available spaces, Silly Towers offers versatile options for various purposes. These spaces can be effectively utilised as workshops, photography and filming studios, event venues, rehearsal spaces, or even performance settings.

In addition to the physical spaces, Silly Towers boasts a network of affiliated artists across diverse fields, encompassing expertise in lighting and sound design, production, art direction, and performance. This network ensures that BOSI clients seeking more than just a physical space can benefit from the comprehensive offerings of Silly Studios.

Furthermore, Silly Towers provides hot-desking facilities for freelancers, catering to the needs of independent professionals in search of flexible workspace arrangements.

I haven't laughed so much in ages so do please watch the interviews. For superfirctions, radio controlled wheelie bins and more ...

1. Meet Richard and Anna

2. Roger and Anna's Arts and Culture Hot Top Ten.


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