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Meet Bill Bruner - lightning strike survivor and theatre director.

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Meet Bill Bruner

Introducing Bill Bruner, Director at The Bailey Theatre Company. Bill is a seasoned professional with a passion for both the arts and business. He's a full member of the Arts and Culture Network.

In our interview below, we explore his arts and culture hot top ten. Expect some surprises and anecdotes.

Something few people know about Bill. He was hit by lightning at the age of 15. HIs doctor attributed his survival and recovery to his track running. 90% of similar lightning strikes are fatal.

Bill Bruner - Theatre Director
Bill Bruner

Bill's journey into the world of theatre began in 6th grade when he took the stage in a production of "A Christmas Carol." As fate would have it, his high school years saw him joining a production of "South Pacific," a decision that ignited his lifelong love for the stage.

Bill's commitment to theatre persisted through college, where he transitioned from aspiring veterinarian to dedicated actor, participating in various productions and nurturing his craft.

Despite a brief detour into the business world, where he became a bank officer managing an $80 million loan department, Bill's heart remained in the theatre. His theatrical pursuits led him to Los Angeles, where, despite narrowly missing a "big break," Bill immersed himself in community theatre, voice-over work, print and TV ads, and even touring with a Children's Theatre.

Notable roles in productions like "No Sex Please We're British" and "Early One Evening at the Rainbow Bar and Grille" marked his breakout moments in Michigan.

Bill Bruner - Theatre Director.
Bill and Heidi.

Bill's journey took a romantic turn when he spent three fruitful seasons at "Horse Cave Theatre" in Kentucky, where he met his wife, Heidi Baker.

Together, they moved to Indianapolis, where Bill balanced a job doing taxes at Ernst & Young, LLP, and his love for theatre.

Following a brief venture with the Beckman Theatre, Bill, with the support of Lauren Drabble and Ina Marlowe, realised his dream in Bailey, Colorado.

As the President & Managing Director of Bailey Theatre Company, a newly qualified 501(c)(3) charitable organisation, Bill, along with his Artistic Director Ina Marlowe, brings a wealth of experience and a lifetime of passion for theatre to the mountain town. In addition to his extensive business background, including over two decades in taxes and a decade in banking and finance, Bill is also the owner of Cruise Planners – Heart and Soul Excursions, a full-service travel agency specialising in romantic honeymoons, LGBT travel, hiking, and adventure tours.

As an actor with over 80 stage plays under his belt, Bill is committed to bringing live theatre to Bailey. His unique blend of business acumen, performing skills, and a dedicated team positions Bailey Theatre Company to deliver quality professional productions for years to come.

Join Bill Bruner and the Bailey Theatre Company on their exciting journey into the world of theatre, where passion meets professionalism. As a newly minted 501(c)(3), they welcome donations and sponsorships to support their mission.


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