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Meet Camilla Siig - mixed media artist.

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

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Meet Camilla Siig.

Camilla Siig boasts a rich and diverse background, seamlessly blending the realms of music, art, and medicine.

In our recent interview, I crafted a fantasy cultural year tailored to Camilla's responses to 10 questions. You can view the interview above.

Camilla Siig - mixed media artist

Camilla's journey commenced with a six-year education at the Yehudi Menuhin School, where she nurtured a distinctive fusion of amusement and discipline through a musical scholarship. The invaluable skill set she possesses today is a testament to the joyous experiences accumulated during that period.

At the age of 14, Camilla transitioned away from classical music, embarking on an academic journey with her sights set on university. Fuelled by an intense interest in biology, she pursued her passion, successfully earning a BSc at King's College London in 2015.

Considering a career as a research scientist, she found the prospect of a full-time laboratory job misaligned with the lifestyle she sought. Consequently, she redirected her path toward the vision of becoming a doctor, a profession more closely aligned with her desire to connect with people.

After eight years of rigorous higher education, she identified a profound and painful detachment from her creative spirit, leading to the definitive decision to part ways with medicine in 2022.

While the bulk of Camilla's life has been dedicated to study and craft, her formal career trajectory has been centred around tutoring and mentoring. Since 2012, she has engaged part-time as a private tutor in GCSE maths & science, as well as violin and piano.

Currently living and working as a mixed media artist in the English countryside, she actively seeks to gain experience in events hosting, complemented by roles in social media management and business development.

Fostered by a longstanding connection with her former biology teacher, now a business associate, Camilla has found a platform to showcase her diverse interests without compromising any facet of her unique skill set.

The harmonious combination of teaching, scholarship, creativity, and a profound connection with humanity defines Camilla's approach to her art, ensuring both personal fulfillment and meaningful contributions to the world.

You can find Camilla on LinkedIn here. And some of her work here.

Some of Camilla's work.


Meeting summary.

In our recent meeting, Camilla Siig and I delved into a captivating exchange, covering a spectrum of topics that provided a deep insight into our shared interests and potential collaborations.

Camilla, boasting a diverse background spanning classical music, science, and her current devotion to visual art, shared her journey of transitioning between these disciplines. Drawing from my experiences as a trained percussionist and conductor, I discovered common ground with Camilla through our shared love for music and performance.

A pivotal moment unfolded when I proposed the idea of curating a cultural year tailored to Camilla's unique interests, which prominently featured her appreciation for Victorian gothic architecture and Japanese culture.

This sparked an engaging conversation about Camilla's favourite building, her fondness for Victorian gothic style, and the intriguing process I envisioned for shaping this cultural year.

Our dialogue expanded to include discussions on magic, fantasy, and even caffeine preferences. Camilla shared the impact of Alistair Crowley's book, "The Diary of a Drug Fiend," on her perceptions, leading to a thoughtful conversation about the intertwining of magic and reality. We explored the concept of luck and the unpredictable nature of existence, delving into Camilla's preference for cappuccino.

I presented an enticing hypothetical scenario where Camilla could embark on an all-expenses-paid cultural study trip to Japan. Intrigued by the prospect and having a cultural connection to Japan, Camilla expressed interest in the country's creative and futuristic aspects, setting the stage for potential artistic inspiration.

Our conversation extended to Camilla's ongoing projects, including her work on an art website with strong ties to spirituality. I suggested incorporating a link to her website in our published material when ready, recognising the potential impact on her work. We explored a hypothetical scenario where Camilla, known for her diverse music taste, would limit her musical intake to a single genre during a luxury year-long trip to Japan.

The upcoming cultural immersion trip to Osaka, Japan, took centre stage in our discussion. I informed Camilla about the planned activities for her, including a visit to a magical theatre for a dance performance. Camilla expressed preferences for Japanese cuisine and potential sporting events, showcasing her eagerness to explore the cultural richness of Osaka.

As we discussed the itinerary for Camilla's trip, we delved into her interests in visual art, mythology, folklore, and theatre. Camilla eagerly anticipated a day dedicated to exploring the historical buildings, temples, and nature spots of Osaka.

The meeting concluded with a spirited discussion about the principles of piracy and their applications in personal and professional lives, a testament to the dynamic and innovative mindset shared by both of us.

Our conversation extended to future plans, Zoom events, and discussions on LinkedIn. I appreciated Camilla's contributions and invited her to join a Whatsapp group for resource sharing and discussions. The possibility of Camilla sharing her ideal referral details was briefly discussed, laying the foundation for potential future collaborations and endeavours.

In summary, the meeting between Camilla Siig and me was a rich and multifaceted exploration of our individual journeys, shared passions, and exciting prospects for collaboration in the realms of art, culture, and beyond.


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