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Meet Emmanuel Bueb - fine wine investment pioneer and music fan.

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Meet Emmanuel Bueb.

Emmanuel Bueb is a full member of The Arts and Culture network and CEO at Vinesia.

International cuisine and fine wines are of course essential elements of the rich tapestry of culture and Manu is at the forefront of the fine wine investment sector.

In our interview, I learned more about Manu, about his company Vinesia, and how he and his colleagues are making it easier and safer to invest in fine wine with blockchain technology.

Expect some laughter, anecdotes and surprises as I create Manu's fantasy cultural year from the answers to 10 easy questions.

You will find a summary of our conversation below.

About Vinesia

Vinesia is a revolutionary new investment platform for wine lovers and investors. Manu and his colleagues are committed to increased levels of security, transparency, and liquidity, enabling investors to enjoy, buy, and sell the world's finest wines easily in a truly global, robustly secure marketplace.

Between 2000 and 2022, the value of fine wine increased by 350%, easily outstripping the NASDAQ at 237% during the same period. The rate at which that value is increasing continues to accelerate.

As an investment, fine wine has enhanced resilience against global economic shocks with a Sharpe Ratio risk/reward profile of 1.53. By comparison, Gold is 0.57 and the S&P 500 is 0.61.

However, as a physical asset, fine wine is more vulnerable to misappropriation than non-physical assets. Traditional fine wine investment platforms and marketplaces often struggle to provide reassuring levels of storage security, and proof of ownership.

Vinesia has addressed this by irrevocably binding a non-physical asset (NFT) to the physical asset itself.

You can reach Manu via the Vinesia website at

More about Vinesia:

How it works:

Vinesia's founders:

Emmanuel Bueb - Vinesia - fine wine investment pioneers.
Fabrice Mopin, Emmanuel Bueb and Bastian Mopin.

Here is an AI-edited summary of our conversation ... how apt.

Blockchain and Wine Industry Transparency

Emmanuel discussed his transition from a career nearing the age of 50 to a strong interest in blockchain technology, particularly its potential for creating transparency in asset management. He discovered the value of bit coins as a store of value and was particularly interested in how blockchain could be used in the wine industry. He shared his conversation with their long-time friend, Fabrice Mopin, who is an expert in wine and had insights into the growth of wine as an investment. Emmanuel saw a need for a more structured and transparent system in the wine industry, especially for proving the authenticity and ownership of rare wines. He mentioned a book about frauds in the wine industry, highlighting the prevalence of fraud in the market.

Innovation and Marketing Discussion

Mark and Emmanuel had a conversation about their personal interests and business ideas. Emmanuel revealed his admiration for the Flat Iron Building in New York City, noting its innovative design and its symbolism for human ingenuity. Emmanuel also shared his love for business books, particularly Seth Godin's "Permission Marketing" and "One-to-One Marketing" from Don Rodgers and Martha Peppers, which he believes shaped his business perspective. Emmanuel discussed his ambition to develop an AI-powered recommendation engine for wine investors, aiming to promote young and promising wine producers. Mark showed interest in Emmanuel's ideas and shared his own admiration for Seth Godin's marketing strategies.

Wine, Cocktails, and a Fully Funded Research Trip

Emmanuel shared his interest in wine, particularly the significance of sharing it in French culture. He also mentioned his new hobby of mixing cocktails. The conversation led to Mark proposing a fully funded world research trip for Emmanuel, focusing on Chilean wine and culture. Emmanuel expressed interest in this opportunity, mentioning his fondness for a Chilean wine, Alma Viva. The trip condition was to report on the experience at a short meeting at the end of the year. Mark also mentioned a surprise letter from the foundation that Emmanuel would receive on the trip.

Music and Culture Preferences

Emmanuel and Mark discussed their music preferences. Emmanuel expressed his love for jazz, particularly Miles Davis, and his appreciation for rock and roll and Eminem. Mark proposed a hypothetical scenario where Emmanuel would immerse himself in the Chilean culture, attending a dance performance and choosing the cuisine for dinner. Emmanuel expressed a preference for Tango and Italian cuisine. The conversation ended with Mark introducing a sport day in the hypothetical scenario.

Football, Art, and Concert Plans

Mark proposed to Emmanuel to participate in a football game on Saturday afternoon, which Emmanuel agreed to due to his love for the sport. Mark then suggested a visit to an art gallery on Sunday morning, where Emmanuel expressed interest in seeing the works of Banksy, an artist he admires. Finally, Emmanuel was given the choice of a play or musical, but he inquired if a concert could be an option, which Mark affirmed.

Conversations on Creativity and Leadership

Emmanuel expressed his admiration for Bruce Springsteen's work ethic and creativity, stating his intention to see him in concert. he also mentioned his interest in Eminem's energy. Emmanuel then shared his preference for watching old French movies and "Amélie", and mentioned his fondness for Jacques Tati. Mark, in response, shared his own appreciation for these films and asked Emmanuel about his choice for a lunch companion. Emmanuel chose Winston Churchill, admiring their leadership during Britain's darkest hours.

Jazz to Funk: Emmanuel's Musical Shift

Emmanuel expressed his admiration for Giro, a chef who runs a three-star Michelin restaurant in Tokyo's Metro. He finds Gyro's life story and dedication to detail fascinating, and would love to sit down and talk with him. Emmanuel also shared his desire to learn to cook special dishes from Chile with a real chef during their last day in Santiago. On the other hand, Mark informed Emmanuel that their sponsors are relinquishing them of their musical focus on jazz, prompting Emmanuel to express his desire to listen to Prince, implying a shift towards funk music.

Music, Travel, and Blockchain: Emmanuel and Mark's Conversation

Emmanuel and Mark had a wide-ranging conversation about music, with both acknowledging Prince's talent, and recalled their own experiences of seeing them perform. He also mentioned other musicians such as Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen, and Tom Petty. The conversation then shifted to a creative project Emmanuel had undertaken, with Mark suggesting the possibility of setting up a travel agency to organise similar trips. The discussion concluded with Mark requesting Emmanuel to explain how blockchain technology works, particularly in relation to an investment opportunity.

NFT Wine Platform Launch Discussed

Emmanuel discussed the launch of their NFT platform, with a focus on its use in the wine industry as a digital certificate of ownership. The NFTs are attached to wines purchased from winemakers, with NFC and Bluetooth tags providing proof of authenticity and location.

Emmanuel emphasised the benefits of blockchain technology, shifting the system from trust to truth, and providing a public and auditable record of authenticity, property ownership, and storage conditions. He also highlighted the enhanced liquidity provided by this system, as the NFT can be sold digitally, making it easier to sell and verify its authenticity and conditions.

Fine Wine as Emerging Asset Class

Emmanuel and Mark engaged in a conversation about the potential of fine wine as an emerging asset class. Emmanuel explained that fine wine has a high Sharpe ratio, meaning it provides steady returns with low volatility, making it a resilient asset class during crises. He also discussed the growth and future plans of Mark's organisation, which includes becoming a support foundation and practicing democratic collective philanthropy. The conversation concluded with Emmanuel admiring Mark's office setup in a clubhouse garden.


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