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Meet Paula Moore - arts activist and podcast host.

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Meet Paula Moore.

Meet Paula Moore, Brighton-based champion of the arts, podcast host at CanArtSaveUs, and research-driven arts activist.

The tables were turned on this occasion as wonderfully rigorous and vigorous interviewer Paula was on the receiving end for a change.

It was a blast! Expect laughs, anecdotes, and surprises. Hear about her work, learn her arts and culture hot top ten, her fantasy cultural year, and listen to our This or That game.

Paula Moore, is a trailblazing arts podcast producer and host dedicated to amplifying diverse voices and advancing the vital role of the arts in our society.

With a commitment to combating the adverse effects of funding cuts, Paula conducts insightful interviews with international, award-winning artists and leaders, enriching the cultural dialogue and evidencing the profound impact of the arts on our mental, societal, and democratic well-being.

Rejecting prejudiced narratives that diminish the value of the arts, Paula's platform, "Can Art Save Us?" serves as a beacon of advocacy and enlightenment, challenging stereotypes and promoting the accessibility and relevance of artistic expression. You can experience Paula's compelling conversations and research findings free at

Meet Paula Moore - arts activist and podcast host.

Paula's dedication extends beyond the podcast realm; she actively seeks partnerships with academia to drive impactful research initiatives and effect positive change.

With a diverse background spanning small arts organisations, national portfolio museums, community arts initiatives, and higher education, Paula brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her advocacy efforts.

From her tenure as Head of Digital at NW Vision + Media, to her role as Co-director of the award-winning Homeless Film Festival, Paula has demonstrated a consistent commitment to innovation and social impact.

Her work has been recognised and celebrated, from prestigious industry accolades to selection in innovation labs for documentary and digital media.

With a career marked by a passion for storytelling and a commitment to driving positive change through the arts, Paula stands as a beacon of inspiration and advocacy in the cultural landscape. Join her in reshaping the narrative and unlocking the transformative power of the arts for all.

You can reach Paula on LinkedIn here, visit her website here and reach her by email here.

Meet Paula Moore - arts activist and podcast host.


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